About Us

Applications!    The Government of Undergraduate Student Housing (G.U.S.H.) was established in 2006 by Fred Lipscomb, Executive Director of Undergraduate Housing. The GUSH  organization was modeled after student housing governments  throughout the country, with aims to serve as a central voice that advocated for the needs of the undergraduate housing  residents living in the on-campus housing communities. We are the umbrella organization that helps the undergraduate housing communities with advocacy.           

GUSH is currently run by the 5 executive board members and 1 professional staff advisor.  Weekly meetings are held with representatives from each of the 4 on-campus undergraduate housing communities and continues striving to improve the on-campus residential experience. Issues and concerns are brought up during these meetings by the representatives and are discussed in order to make progress in the communities.GUSH provides opportunities for the four undergraduate housing communities to come together at weekly governmental meetings and at various activities through out the year. Some of our most noted activities include the Sand Castle Contest hosted at area beaches and the GUSH Beach House Party where various performance groups showcased their talents and expressed their UCI spirit.