GUSH Elections 2014

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Elections Event 2014

The Elections event for 2014 was a huge success thanks to all the volunteers and staff who participated. We were able to meet our goal of 500 votes through the week and elect four new executive board members! We would like to extend a big thanks to all of the volunteers and staff that helped make this event a success and The Green Initiative Fund for approving our grant for our new GUSH shirts. 

UCI Delegation to PACURH

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UCI sends a team of 7 to the Pacific Affiliate of Collegiate Undergraduate 
Housing 2013 conference
Gonzaga University.
The team consisted of 
our acting advisor Melissa Silverman, CV Council President Nancy Yu, AV President Rachael Roberts, AV 
Community Representative Paola Sotelo, GUSH NCCIT Annette Lee, GUSH NCC Robert Dunn, and GUSH President Melissa Mayr. PACURH meets every year to discuss housing issues and suggest programs to 
improve housing. It is a great opportunity to build leadership skills, networking skills, and new housing knowledge. This year, UCI brought home 2nd place in the case study completion. NCC Robert Dunn worked with the NCCs from University of La Verne (Joel Sierra), Portland State University (Claire Hummer), and Chapman University (Paulina Vo-Griffin).

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