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Standard 5

Students will develop a sense of personal responsibility regarding their body, their school, their community, and their nation.

BenchmarkThe Student Shall:   Artifact
5.1.aUnderstand preventative physical and mental health measures, including risk avoidance and stress reduction 
5.1.bDifferentiate between situations requiring peer support and situations requiring adult professional help as well as be able to identify resource people in the school and community and know how to seek their help 
5.1.cApply effective problem-solving and decision-making skills to make safe and healthy choices 
5.1.dLearn about the emotional and physical dangers of substance use and abuse 
5.1.eLearning techniques for coping with peer pressure, managing stress, conflict, and managing life events 
5.2.aRecognize the value of civic engagement and its role in a healthy democracy and civil society 
5.2.bLearn about the relationship between rules, laws, safety and the protection of rights of the individual 
5.2.cBe aware of, and vote on when applicable, current community and political issues
5.2.dBe involved in improving the local and world community