GUSH Committees

We strive to make great decisions, but sometimes, we do not have all the information necessary. Thus, we have our sustainability and advocacy committees to help in the decision making processes. These committees are an important voice, and we are proud of the work they do. Here's some mor information about the two committees we have this year. 

Plan initiatives and advocacy projects centered around sustainability. Not only will you be able to work with paraprofessional staff in AV, CV, MC, and ME but you will also have the opportunity to speak to professional staff in housing to develop housing's latest sustainable initiative. Partner with the Global Sustainability Resource Center, Power Save, and more.


Tired of the same commons food, want to see more diversity programs, or have any issues with housing? Then this is the committee for you! The advocacy will listen to the issues that come up in all 4 communities and work on ways to resolve them. Whether its planning programs or talking to professional staff, this committee will work together to improve housing for everyone, resident and staff.

Interested in a committee? Apply here!

GUSH Committee Application