Government of Undergraduate Student Housing




We the residents of the University of California Irvine Residence Halls, in order to ensure cooperation, coordination among residents presiding in the halls, to establish policies for the betterment, to provide closer relationship with the university community, provide educational, representational, and social benefits for the individual, do ordain and establish this constitution of the Government of Undergraduate Student Housing, University of California, Irvine.


Article I - Organization Name


Section 1


a.)   The name of the organization shall be the Government of Undergraduate Student Housing, hereafter referred to as GUSH.

Article II- Membership

Section 1


a.)   All residents of the University of California Irvine residence halls, with the exception of complex coordinators, shall be members of GUSH.

Article III – Officers

  Section 1

a.) The GUSH Coordinating Board, hereafter GUSH-CB, shall be comprised of the GUSH Executive Board, hereafter GUSH-EB, and the GUSH Elected Representatives, hereafter GUSH-ER.

b.) The GUSH-EB shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Financial Chair, a National Communications Coordinator, and a Public Relations Chair.

c.) The GUSH-ERs shall consist of the following:

ci.) from Arroyo Vista, two (2) Elected/Hired Executive Representatives, one (1) At-Large Representative, and one (1) RA/HA Representative.

cii.)from Campus Village, two (2) Elected/Hired Executive Representatives, one (1) At-Large Representative, and one (1) RA/HA Representative;

ciii.) from Mesa Court, two (2) Elected/Hired Executive Representatives, two (2) At-Large Representatives, and one (1) RA/HA Representative;

civ.) from Middle Earth, two (2) Elected/Hired Executive Representatives, two (2) At-Large Representatives, and one (1) RA/HA Representative;

cv.) from Vista del Campo, one (1) Elected/Hired Executive Representative;

cvi.) from Vista del Campo, Norte, one (1) Elected/Hired Executive Representative;

cvii.) from ASUCI, one (1) Housing Liaison Representative.

d.) The Elected/Hired Executive Representatives from each community shall be from the executive board of each respective community council: Arroyo Vista Student Council (AVSC), Campus Village Student Association (CVSA), Mesa Court Council (MCC), Middle Earth Community Council (MECC), Vista del Campo (VDC), and Vista del Campo, Norte (VDCN).

e.) The Housing Liaison Representative shall be the ASUCI Campus Liaison to Housing.

f.) There shall be at least one (1) advisor to GUSH, hereafter the GUSH Advisor, GUSH-A.


g) Apart from the two elected/hired Representatives and the At Large Representatives from each community there will be an RA or HA Chair from each community. All RA and HA GUSH members are eligible for     this position.     


Article IV – GUSH-Executive Board

Section 1: Requirements for the GUSH-Executive Board Executive Board

a.)   The GUSH-Executive Board (hereafter referred to as GUSH-EB) will consist of the President, Vice President, Financial Chair, National Communications Chair, and Public Relations Chair. 

b.)   The GUSH-EB officers shall serve a one year term beginning on July 1 and ending June 30.

c.)   The GUSH-EB officer must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.4 GPA during the employment term.

d.)   All GUSH-EB members must be currently enrolled as full time students and remain in good standing for the duration of the academic year.

e.)   None of the GUSH-EB members may hold more than one elected position.

f.)    The GUSH-EB will be required to attend all GUSH related retreats, training, and workshops: exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

g.)   All GUSH-EB will be required to write a transition report and the end of their term.

h.)   All GUSH-EB members will maintain a minimum of eight (8) office hours per week. 

Section 2: President 

a.)   The President will oversee the GUSH-Coordinate Board (hereafter referred to as GUSH-CB) meetings and the GUSH-EB Meetings.

b.)   The President has the executive power of GUSH.

c.)   The President will serve as the representative of GUSH, the ex officio member for the four (4) Housing Community Councils.

d.)   The President will have the power to appoint Standing Committees with the approval of GUSH- CB.

e.)   The President will have the power to call for emergency meetings with the approval of the GUSH-CB.

f.)    The President has the power to call and administer GUSH special elections with the approval of the GUSH-CB

g.)   The President will attend the No-Frills conference, along with PACURH and NACURH. If the President is unable to go to these conferences he or she may send a proxy.

h.)   The President will also have two (2) additional hours dedicated for Community Council Meetings, Associated Students University of California, Irvine (hereafter referred to as ASUIC), or other housing related meetings.

 Section 3: Vice President

a.)   The Vice President will assume the roles of the President during the absence of the President.

b.)   The Vice President shall keep accurate records of all GUSH-CB and GUSH-EB meetings.

c.)   The Vice President will act as the business manager of GUSH.

d.)   The Vice President may choose to attend committees meetings outside of GUSH and will maintain records of those meetings.

e.)   In the event that the Vice President cannot make it to the committee meetings, a proxy will be sent. 

f.)    The Vice President will serve on the GUSH Judiciary Review Board (hereafter referred to as GUSH-JRB).

g.)   The Vice President will plan and implement the GUSH Spring Quarter Elections. 

Section 4: Financial Chair

a.)   The Financial Chair shall maintain the financial records of GUSH.

b.)   The Financial Chair will prepare and present a yearly budget that will be submitted and voted upon by the GUSH-CB no later than the second GUSH-CB meeting.

c.)   The Financial Chair shall provide quarterly and/or weekly budget updates during the GUSH-CB and GUSH-EB meetings. 

d.)   The Financial Chair will approve the spending of all GUSH-EB members.

e.)   The Financial Chair will supervise the collection and distribution of funds within GUSH.

f.)    The Financial Chair will organize the reimbursement forms and policy for GUSH

g.)   The Financial Chair will co-sign with the GUSH Advisor on Organization Funds.

h.)   The Financial Chair will coordinate fundraisers for GUSH.

Section 5: National Communications Chair

a.)   The National Communications Chair (hereafter referred to as NCC) will affiliate GUSH with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (hereafter referred to as NACURH) along with the Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (hereafter referred to as PACURH) annually.

b.)   The NCC must prepare a Regional File Index (hereafter referred to as RFI) which must be submitted to the National Information Center (hereafter referred to as NIC) before the PACURH Conference annually.

c.)   The NCC may write and submit bids for awards, conference hosting, and others that are outlined in the PACURH and NACURH policy books.

d.)   The NCC will oversee the selection process for the delegates who will attend the PACURH and NACURH Conferences.

e.)   The NCC will attend the No-Frills, PACURH, and NACURH conferences. 

f.)    The NCC will handle communication with the four (4) housing communities by sending out weekly emails containing the agenda and minutes of the GUSH-CB meetings.

g.)   The NCC will work with the President and Vice President to send out the GUSH-CB agendas and the GUSH-CB Minutes to the four (4) Housing Communities.

h.)   The NCC will also handle the Of the Month (hereafter referred to as OTM) submission policy and the OTM submission system. 

Section 6: Public Relations Chair

a.)   The Public Relations Chair will create and maintain a system that will keep accurate records of GUSH related events.

b.)   The Public Relations Chair will be in charge of maintaining the GUSH website and working with the Advisor to publish material on the GUSH Website.

c.)   The Public Relations Chair will work with the Vice President in order to publish the GUSH-CB meeting minutes on the GUSH website.

d.)   The Public Relations Chair will keep a comprehensive calendar of programs and events that are GUSH related which will be made available on the GUSH website.

e.)   The Public Relations Chair will be in charge of handling marketing for GUSH and any GUSH-related events.

f.)    The Public Relations Chair will be in charge of creating and maintaining a document explaining how to use the Contribute Program that will be used to update the GUSH website.


Article V – GUSH-ER Duties


Section 1


a.)   Each member of GUSH-ER shall serve a term of one (1) academic year.


b.)   Each individual community council has the responsibility to select their Elected/Hired Representatives for the GUSH-ER.


c.)   The At Large Representatives shall be any GUSH member living in the community.


d.)   One RA or HA will be elected from each community by their representative community council or in the same way that their At Large Representative is elected. All RA and HA GUSH members are eligible for this position.


e.)   All GUSH-ER positions to one person, however if they are unable to make it they can send a proxy.


f.)    Only members of the GUSH may hold an office.


g.)   No person may hold more than one elected office.


Article VI - Judiciary Review Board

Section 1


a.)   Shall interpret any question(s) concerning the Constitution.

b.)   Review cases of inappropriate actions taken by members of the GUSH-CB.


Article VII – Meeting Procedures 

Section 1

a.) 3.5 of the GUSH-EB must be present to conduct a GUSH-CB meeting.

b.) In the absence of both the President and Vice President, the coordinator of the GUSH-CB meeting will be the Financial Chair.

c.) GUSH-CB will hold its meetings every Monday of each academic year except for those recognized as UCI Holidays and Finals weeks.

d.) GUSH-CB meetings will last for one (1) hour.

e.) A GUSH-CB meeting may be called by a 3/5 vote of the GUSH-EB.

f.) The Vice President will takes minutes at every GUSH-CB and GUSH-EB meeting.


Section 2

a.) GUSH-A must be present to conduct GUSH-EB and GUSH-CB meetings.

b.) GUSH-CB will hold its meetings at a designated time and day every week of each academic year except those recognized as UCI Holidays and Finals weeks.


Article VIII – Affiliation

Section 1


a.)   This organization shall be affiliated with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls also referred to as NACURH, and therefore this organization is also affiliated with the Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls referred to as PACURH, and shall abide by its constitution and by-laws and this constitution and/or the rules, regulations or policies of University of California, Irvine.


Article IX – Voting

Section 1

a.) Items that require a vote must be submitted to GUSH-EB to placed on next available agenda.

Section 2

a.) Resubmissions and appeals will be allowed at the GUSH-EB's discretion. 

Section 3

a.) All GUSH-ERs shall have one vote with the exception of the following GUSH-ERs, who shall have no vote:

ai.) the Elected/Hired Executive Representative from Vista del Campo.

aii.) the Elected/Hired Executive Representative from Vista del Campo, Norte.

aiii.) the Housing Liaison Representative from ASUCI.

Section 4

a.) In the event of a tie, the GUSH-EB will hold a tie-breaking vote.

b.) Each member of the GUSH-EB shall have one vote in this tie-breaking vote.

c.) The result of this tie-breaking vote shall be the non-tied result of the initial tied vote. 

Section 5

a.) The quorum required for a vote is nine (9) GUSH-ERs, not including non-voting members.

b.) There must be at least one (1) voting GUSH-ER in attendance from each community with a voting GUSH-ER to hold a vote.

c.) Actions upon which the GUSH-ER votes shall pass with a majority vote, except in special cases as outlined.

Section 6

a.) In the event that a voting GUSH-ER cannot attend a GUSH-CB meeting, nor is able to send a proxy, the GUSH-ER may choose to request an absentee ballot.

b.) The absentee ballot shall only be available to a GUSH-ER two (2) times per quarter and shall be due to the GUSH-EB before the GUSH-CB meeting.

c.) All requests for absentee ballots must be made before the publication of the GUSH-CB agenda or before the day of the GUSH-EB meeting.

d.) The items on the absentee ballot shall include the items published on the GUSH-CB meeting agenda.

e.) Under no circumstances can a GUSH-ER submit an absentee ballot and also send a proxy.

f.) If a proxy is sent, the GUSH-ER for whom the proxy is covering must notify the GUSH-EB.

g.) If a GUSH-ER submits or requests an absentee ballot three (3) or more times, it shall be deemed invalid and discarded. The ballot shall not be counted toward any applicable votes.


Article X – Elections

Section 1


a.)   Elections for GUSH-EB positions will be held in spring quarter of every year.


b.)   Any full-time undergraduate student is eligible to run as long as they remain an undergraduate during their term.


c.)   Candidates must have a minimum cumulative 2.2 GPA to run.


Article XI – Impeachment

Section 1

a.)   The impeachment process will be conducted by the Judicial Review Board.


Article XII – Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1

a.)   Can be initiated by anyone in GUSH-CB.

b.)   An official amendment form must be filled out to GUSH-EB who will place it on the as the next available agenda item.

c.)   All GUSH-ER shall have one vote.


Section 2


a.)   In the event of a tie, GUSH-EB will have the tiebreaking vote.

b.)   Each GUSH-EB member will have a tiebreaking vote contributing to a collective vote for GUSH-CB.


Section 3


a.)   There must be 5/9 of GUSH-ER present with at least one (1) member from each community in attendance for there to be a vote.

b.)   Amendments that are voted on will pass with a 2/3 majority.