Members and Committees!

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Composed of the top 1% of student housing, the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a great opportunity to build up your resume while making UCI Housing a better place for residents and staff. We have 2 committees that will focus on:
- Recognition: Recognizing the top 1% of students in student housing that have been remarkable in their different ways.
- Community Service: Doing different service activities with the housing and UCI community.
This is a regionally recognized committee. All residents and staff are encouraged to join this committee!

Members of NRHH:
Kaylee: Executive Chair Representative
Socorro Cambero: Regional Recognition Chair
Robert Dunn                                                       
Kevin Lien                                                      
Annette Lee
Jamrensze De Leon                                      
Kim Troung                                             
Teresa Enciso
Matthew Carlson                                          
Laura Castillo                                          
Karim Arabi
Luis Cabrera                                             
Abelina Carbajal
Sarai Herra                                                   
Julie Phan                                                     
Joyce Yu