Middle Earth Community Council (MECC)

Name: Adriana Lucas

Year: 3rd

Major: Criminology, Law, and Society

Fun Fact:

Vice President
Name: Jamrensze "J-Mi" Torres

Year: 2nd

Major: Social Policy and Public Service

Fun Fact: Hello Kitty and I have the same birthday.

Name: Jonna Amparo

Year: 1st Year

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Fun Fact: I can twist my thumb to point backwards.

Name: Treston Mendonsa

Year: 1st

Major: Anthropology

Fun Fact: Music's in my soul - I can hear it everyday and every night. It's the one thing on my mind!

Events Chair
Name: Jeff To

Year: 4th

Major: Computer Engineering

Fun Fact:

Outreach Chair
Name: Byron Barahona

Year: 3rd Year

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: